Day 57- When Day Turns To Night

Who knew that you were all closet Busted fans? 50% of the vote (ok, so that’s 10 of you), I have to say I had geared myself up to be doing James Blunt this week so Busted is a bit of a curve ball- thanks!

The sunsets in Hove are a real pleasure. THis was a good excuse for a long exposure again. The longer the exposure, the “milkier” the sea looks, almost ethereal. The dog made me laugh though. I couldn’t believe it just stood there, nothing moving but its tail and now it looks like a ghost in the image. I promise that the dog was not a Photoshop edition, it really was there.

The blog is a bit earlier this evening as I need to get a small person into bed, and then I have the house to myself. I feel a chick flick and tea coming on. It would be wine if I didn’t have to drive early in the morning.

Have a good evening.

Lel x


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