Day 53- Right Through You

Check it out, my Photoshop skills are coming on- there’s no way I would have known how to do this back in December, very proud of myself tonight, even if this is quite simplistic.

I had a bit of a caffeine overload moment earlier, complete with shakes and sweating. Pretty scary really so I have to admit that I did toy with the idea of not doing this tonight, but I will  persevere. Every time I think about not taking a shot, I think about the time where I took everything with me to a hotel room and the dedication that took 🙂

The weather is starting to get better and the evenings are getting longer, which means I will be able to get out and about a bit more to get some of these project shots, which will be much better as I am starting to get o the point of not knowing what to do within the constrains of the house, which again is all part of the challenge.

Lel x


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