Day 52- You Learn

I am a lifelong learner. I am a swot. I am a geek. I was the one that just got on with it at school. I also believe that anyone that says they have nothing left to learn is wrong and I believe those that don’t see the value in sharing their knowledge as being quite narrow-minded, and just down right “grumpy” (thank you Dane Sanders for that phrase).

I will always jump at an opportunity to learn. A 10 minute walk from Chelsea to Battersea Park talking to Catherine Connor was enough to tell me that I need to shoot everyday and was one of the inspirations behind this blog. She was also the lady that told me not to advertise all of my research and development of my brand which is why this blog is about the photography, and not the brand.

I posted on Facebook earlier this year to see if I could second shoot/ assist/ bag carry for any other photographers this year and an amazing photographer answered and has kindly asked me to help her in May. Kate Hopewell-Smith is another inspiration, and very open to helping new photographers.

There are, on the other hand, some other photographers who are not so open to helping others, which is pretty sad really. You see, I don’t believe by helping others that you are jeopardising your own business. In fact, you could just be carving out another niche in training.

Photography, as an art, is subjective. What I produce may not be what everyone likes, but there may be some that would want me to shoot their wedding, even if I haven’t done a wedding before. Having listened to a talk by Lisa Devlin (awesome wedding photographer!!) last year, weddings was not her original intention, and yet she is now one of the most celebrated contemporary wedding photographers on many wedding blogs. Lisa has also embraced training others and set up The Photography Farm.

There is also a wonderful group of fellow female photographers that I have the privilege to belong to. We are all around the same point in our journey and are there to support each other. They must be fab as I have agreed to camping in October again, even after the rainy teepee in Wales last year πŸ™‚

I am thankful to those that help, educate and support both myself and others, whether that is in photography or any other industry.

Lel x


5 responses

  1. Enjoyed the positivity of this post, Lel. It’s amazing how being open with your knowledge affects everyone karmically. I first managed to get my head around (and embrace) that concept when I saw a talk by Zach & Jody Gray at SWPP last year. They used the metaphor of holding money in an open or closed hand. If you hold it with a closed hand, you can keep your money but no more will ever be able to get into your hand. If you hold it in an open hand, you might lose some but because your hand is open you are able to receive more as it comes your way. So too with knowledge. I thought that was such a brilliant way to illustrate a concept that might feel counterintuitive to people who instinctively want to protect their USPs. πŸ™‚

  2. It all comes back to us whether we are open or closed, positive or negative so it’ a choice of what you want to come back to you. I think photographers that are closed are mainly just threatened and don’t realise they could learn so much from helping people who are new to photography and have a lot of passion for it. Some have done it for years and can get stale and lose the passion or just resent those who still love it. They do say that teachers learn as much as those they teach. I see some amateurs whose work resonates more with me that some professionals. Every photographer has their own vision and those grumpies clearly don’t believe that it’s the photographer not the camera that creates images. Nice post Lel πŸ™‚

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