Day 49- Jubilee

This cup and saucer was made in 1953- its almost 60 years old, and there is not a chip on it. This was an awesome find in a cabinet in the flea market in Brighton. £8 for the cup and saucer, bargain.

I have to say though, having read Edmund Burke’s piece on hereditary right at University (one of the only texts I read properly and that stuck), I have not really been one for the royal family. I admit it, I am the person that refuses to sing the national anthem, even in church which was founded by the royal family.

I don’t usually like tacky memorabilia, and I was trying to find the tackiest possible today, however, this cup and saucer is actually really pretty. It is a delicate, thin china and not completely over the top and in your face- which is what I was looking for. It just goes to show, you can gp out with one idea, and come home having gone in a completely different direction.

Don’t forget this weeks vote. It’s all about the ladies this week with a choice between Gwen, Paloma or Alanis. It’s a second chance week for Alanis so it will be interesting to see if it is second time lucky.

You have until 10am tomorrow to cast your vote, thank you for your continued support 🙂

Lel x


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