Day 45- London Loves

It’s Valentines Day- happy day of lurve people!

I spent my day in a meeting that had little to do with me, and then ran the gauntlet of commuters on my way home. The sad truth of Valentines Day met me at Victoria station. Lines of men at the florists stalls, buying last-minute bunches of roses, and een some ladies doing the same. I did take my camera with me today (point and shoot) but got very frustrated at how busy it was, and am out of practise with the little camera and couldn’t get the shot I wanted.

On my way home, I decided I wanted to do something tha represented these men (and women) at the flower stall, and as my train ticket had today’s date on, I knew I wanted to combine that into the image as well.

The final thing I wanted to do tonight was to push myself some more in the editing department.Ā  This image really needed some texture added to it for the grittiness of London combined with the softness of the rose. I’m quite proud of what I have come up with tonight and even happier that I have not had to cheat and dip into the archives šŸ™‚

I already have an idea of what to do tomorrow, and it may well involve another self-portrait. For a project that wasn’t going to have any self portraits, there’s been a few so far. I promise to keep my clothes on tomorrow though. I warn you now though, it will be a late one tomorrow so if you usually round of your evening with this, then please be ready for a late night tomorrow šŸ˜‰

Lel x


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