Day 44- Girls and Boys

As it’s Valentines day tomorrow, today was a toss-up between London Love and Girls & Boys, but I thought London Love would probably be better tomorrow. That does mean that tomorrow’s shot may well either be from the archives or I need to take a picture on my phone or smuggle a camera in my laptop bag tomorrow. I guess it will be a case of wait and see until tomorrow for now!

Tonight’s shoot was great, and I’m feeling a bit like I have got my mojo back, so there’s more than 1 again tonight. You lucky things! I set up a black blanket on two of our kitchen chairs and then got our heads that we keep our hats on and used them as my models.

The edit was quite quick tonight, and personally my favourite is the third image ( I love my 50mm lens ❤ ).

I hope everyone has a lovely Valentines day tomorrow and you get all you wanted and those of you that are single, get yourselves a bottle of prosecco, a box of chocs and a decent film and ignore the overly gushing Facebook/twitter updates that there are bound to be all day. Remember as well, I will always love you, just for taking the time to read this every day 🙂 .

Lel x


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    • Thanks Kelly, we got given the heads for Christmas (long story) they usually just hold our hats so its good to guve them more of a “life” lol

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