Day 43- Parklife

“It’s not about you joggers that go round and round…”

“… they all go hand in hand…”

I was brave in the park today, firstly, I asked the skateboarding man if I could take the pictures, and secondly I gave them my card to check out the blog- eek!! That’s another step closer to facing my fears and doing it anyway.

The park was cold and muddy. Jess went flying down the hill after her bike that she decided to let go, and was covered in mud the entire time we were there. Mr Story Frame was his ever prepared self and brought a winter picnic with us complete with tea for me, coffee for him and hot Ribena for Jess, not to mention the leftover food from last night heated up, chorizo sausage roll anyone? mmmmm….

As you may have guessed, Madonna missed out this week and therefore this week’s winner was Blur. It had to happen soon considering we started this whole thing off with Oasis. As Mr Story Frame is upstairs I can say this *whispers* I preferred Blur. It’s true I’m afraid, and I’m not sorry 😉

I did climb up on a telephone junction box to get some pictures of the people playing 5 aside football but by my own admission I screwed up the camera settings and they are all hideously over exposed and out of focus. More learning for me there I think.

I hope you have enjoyed your Sunday treat of more than just one image; I certainly enjoyed being out and about, and am very proud of myself to have taken them and got them through the editing process all before 10pm. It certainly goes to show that my workflow must be improving.

Lel x


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