Day 42- Time Warp

Phew, today has felt like a bit of a Time Warp, it has been pretty manic I can tell you. What with having to get up and into town for a manicure and pedicure, and then coffee and cake with Jess, seeing the FA Cup and then home for the rugby and a catch up with 2 fellow photographers. Its been hard, but someone had to do it 🙂

This is heavily manipulated but it is the clock on my wall, and I have warped it, therefore it is an actual Time Warp- get it? lol (can you believe I wrote lol, it was that or yet another smiley).

The 2 photographers I met up with this evening are well worth checking out. Michael is a long time pro who is inspirational in terms of getting me focussed on business and the technicalities of photography (evaluative vs incidental metering anyone?) whilst Emmy Lou is inspiring in a creative sense and reminds me that at the centre of all of this is a creative vision and a desire to be better at what I love. We had a great time talking about current trends, trends to watch for, photographers to watch and where we all want to be in a years time. I now have 2 solid witnesses to my goals, so I better do something about it now- eek!

Don’t forget the 10am cut off in the morning for this week’s vote.  I’m off for a well deserved cup of tea after my hectic day 😉

Lel x




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