Day 41- Rose Tint My World

Tonight I was still faffing with excel spreadsheets and copious amounts of badly filled out reports until 7.30pm, and then tackled the task of cleaning the bathrooms, which no-one likes doing, and if you do then quite frankly you are bonkers!!

The only good thing to come out of cleaning the bathroom was the idea for this shot. Jess had been completing her world puzzle earlier and left it out for the morning, and because I got a lot of bleach fumes in my eyes, I knew I needed to put my glasses on.

I decided to try to and visualise the saying of “rose tinted glasses” and use the glasses to rose tint the world. The image was a fairly simple affair to take (no nudity or running for a start) just a tripod and holding my glasses in the shot, and then I rose-tinted the glasses in Photoshop. Unfortunately, I think I need a bit more practise at this, and possibly a Wacom tablet for editing as the selection is not as good as I would have wanted, but I think you get the general idea.

Mr Story Frame is currently at the CD shelves finding the next 3 for you to vote on (I’ve just had a sneak peek and I know at east one person is definitely going to vote), can you believe we are going into week 7 already? Thank you for sticking with me, I hope it is worth your time 🙂

Lel x


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