Day 40- I’m Going Home


2 images tonight as I liked the brightness of the black and white version, but also the warmth of the colour.

Yet again, I’m not sure what my BN3 neighbours would have thought of me standing outside in the middle of the road in the  snow in my fluffly pyjama bottoms, snow boots and big winter coat! I’m sure the person sat in their car lighting up the road with their headlights must have wondered what on earth was going on, although I am thankful for the ambient light they provided!

For those of you that are more techy, I was having a real prblem with noise tonight, my ISO was at 800 and aperture at 5.6- is this something to do with my shutter speed or should I have had some off camera flash? Thoughts on a postcard please 🙂

Good news tomorrow, I don’t have to venture to Milton Keynes, but it also means I am missing out on coffee with the gorgeous Kate Hopewell-Smith, I really hate cancelling, but I equally couldn’t stand the thought of being stranded in MK due to the snow. It must be bad if Mr The Boss At Work call’s me to tell me not to drive…

Working at home tomorrow means I may get to the gym, and more importantly, I will get out with the camera- there is always a silver lining 🙂

Lel x


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