Day 39- Sweet Transvestite

I reserve the right to re-take this one, if I should be able to get a model by the end of the week. Reason being I have cheated tonight. I’m hoping after last night, you will let me get away with this. The thing is, it was just too difficult tonight, I had to get back from work, then Little Miss decided tonight would be a good night for a full-blown tantrum and then another photographer( Erika from Photo Madly) and model came round to try on the wedding dress ready for a shoot, and then it was 9pm before I even knew what was going on!

I then spent the next half an hour hunting the house for my external drive, and the settling Little Miss again as we accidentally woke her up looking for said drive. Phew, what an evening!!

The reason I was looking for the hard drive was to find this image. I knew I had some cracking images from Pride, and this one really fits. The only other option was to dress up Ken in Barbie’s clothes, but I don’t want to get predictable with toys and/or food.

As much as I really don’t want to bend the rules, I think tonight is prime example of the need to bend the rules sometimes. I promise not to take the easy route to often, but tonight I am, so there ner!!

Lel x


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