Day 38- Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me

Lots of texture and a bit of noise (that’s just a word for the “speckles”) in tonight’s shot- and no boobs. Although, I have to admit, you did almost get boobs, and then I chickened out!

The title today reminded me of the boys in the playground at junior school, putting their arms around themselves and pretending it was someone else, stupid boys. But it did give me something to play with tonight, and is slightly less page 3 like than hand all over my boobs which was the other idea and I’m hoping this one offends my parents less (sorry Mum!).

I also banished Mr Story Frame from the bedroom tonight and haven’t been brave enough to show him this, so he will see this the same time as you.

The other thing this shot has firmed in my mind is the need for that diet we talked about last week, that tight crop at the bottom of my bum was to get rid of my cellulite, yak šŸ˜¦

I am still trying to find someone willing to be my transvestite, and someone else or a group of people willing to do the time warp, if you know anyone please can you put them in contact with me? It’s odd that I live in Brighton and yet am struggling with this…

Lel x


12 responses

  1. this is kinda hot, but at the same time like…we used to work together!! awkwaaaard šŸ˜›
    I jest!! you look great šŸ™‚ i like reading these little blogs!!! keep em coming =)

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