Day 37- Science Fiction

Hands up those of you that have read the “about” page on here? have you…really? If you have, you would have found my sci-fi geek admission hidden in there and as such, this picture will not surprise you in the slightest. If you haven’t read it, then what a shock it will be when I tell you these are MY toys, off of the early 1980’s and I am not embarrassed at all πŸ™‚ . What is more embarrassing is how hard it was giving these to Jess and seeing her play with them. I will admit now before I get outed that I did take away the still packaged ones from the late 90’s and put them on a high shelf, geek status fully restored.

I thought I would also go heavy on the editing this week, I think this soundtrack is all about the show and the drama and I think this really works tonight.

I haven’t forgotten about the “Double Feature” bit of the title either before some smarty pants points that out. If you look carefully, you will see I have elements from all of the Star Wars trilogy so in fact I have gone one better than a double feature, and this is why you love me πŸ˜‰

Tonight, I have also been having an interesting discussion about time and commitment for photography vs. “the day job”. This conversation has also evolved into a bit of a skills swap as I am lamenting over the cost of photographic training. Sometimes I feel the need to go back to basics and this is where a lot of courses fail. I have paid for lots of training, a whole BTEC being just one of these, and not one of these courses has looked at what everything on the camera does, which is odd when you think that as a tool you really need to know what it does.Β  Seriously, you wouldn’t attempt to use a chain saw without knowing every part of it and what it is capable of, why should a camera be much different?

The upside to tonight’s conversation, is that I think I have managed to bargain some 1:1 training with Dade from Krysalis Photography in return for chocolate brownies- thank goodness I can bake.

Mr Story Frame has just come downstairs and found Darth Vader still on the sofa, so its time I went and put my toys away before I go to bed.

Lel x


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