Day 34- Meat Again


I almost managed a whole week without a food post… almost!

Having said how rough I felt yesterday, it will be no surprise to you that the migraine monster caught up with me today. It’s not rocket science finding the reason for the migraine with all the hours I have been putting in to work and photography over the last few weeks, I will take this as a warning from my body to slow down, and to feed it better- no more cake (she says having baked brownies this evening…)

Tomorrow is the last day of Chris Moyles Parody album and I am very glad. I worked out today that when I really love an album or a band, I have loads more ideas of what I want to do with the shot, and am generally more excited by it. I have also worked out that I need to invest in some props. I feel a few trips to flea markets and car boot sales coming on, thank goodness we live in Brighton and have a good selection of places to find props.

Mr Story Frame suggested that I have a sound track week next week, so I will be digging out the soundtracks tonight and seeing what our selection is. The theory behind this is to be able to spark the creativity off again and have a visual reference point to start from- I think its a great idea, and another excuse to go prop shopping, hurrah!

What are you doing this weekend? A photographer I know is off on his first date with a new lady, I hope it is fantastic as he really deserves it with everything life has chucked at him recently. I am catching up with the Sumners tomorrow and the gorgeous baby Sydney, I am hoping to finally get some pictures of her gorgeousness, fingers crossed 🙂

Whatever you are up to, have a good time, and remember to vote for the next album before 10am on Sunday.

Lel x



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