Day 32- The Boy Does Plenty

Warning- I am going to gush about my man (again) in this post, so if you don’t want to read it, skip forward a paragraph now…

So, you are still reading? Excellent. This shot was not a set up, Mr Story Frame really does do most of our ironing, and the cooking (unless its cake or pudding), and generally makes sure that we all tick along ok as I have to say I am a typical only child in the respect of being off in my on little world a lot of the time. If it wasn’t for him, our house would be a mountain of many hoarded bits and bobs as Jess is just as bad as me!

He did suggest that we set something up in the kitchen with this, a cook book, the washing, the Hoover etc, but I like that this shot was taken whilst he really was ironing, and not set up.

Ok- its safe to look again now if you are avoiding the gushing! Tomorrow I am off to Milton Keynes again so I am going to try to get my Lorrydriver shot at the services again. If all else fails,  will take the picture on my phone, I WILL GET THAT SHOT!!!

Lel x


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