Day 30- Dance Wiv Me

Picture the scene, I am driving home from Derby, planned to stop at Newport Pagnell services with my camera to take a shot for tonight which was going to be “Lorrydriver”. I get the camera out, change the lens for a wider angle as the lorries are parked perfectly. Compose the shot, press the shutter release and  nothing. My heart stops. I press it again, nothing. My palms start to sweat- this is not good. I turn it off and on again, I check the lens, I check the settings, I even give in and put it onto full auto, and still nothing. So, I gave in and started mentally costing out the Canon 5d Mk II, with 24-70 mm lens and how quickly I could purchase this.

Having got home just before 8.30pm, unpacked the car, eaten and showered, I have now checked the camera again, and it seems to have sorted itself out. Maybe it was the threat of being put on the naughty floor when we got home that did the trick! I should probably take this as a warning and go and get it serviced pretty soon.

As you can see, tonight’s picture is not Lorrydriver, nor are these images from today. Due to the panic with the camera, I decided to use some images from New Year that hadn’t been edited, apologies for cheating but I didn’t want to miss a day.

Lel x


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