Day 29- I Predict A Diet

I wouldn’t normally do this. I wouldn’t normally post a full picture of myself or have that incredibly distracting light on he wall in the corner. However, I am not at home tonight, I am in a hotel room in Derby and am now sat on the bed in the background of this picture, crudely editing and writing this.

With 50% of the vote this week, even after a last-minute rush, Chris Moyles Parody album is the winner. The title, and crude image (normal service will resume when I get home) are quite apt at the moment. A lot of all day training sessions and meetings which include buffet lunches and my old foe cake are taking their toll on my waistline as can be seen- and I am most definitely predicting a diet!

I am also hoping that this image will help those photographers who I know through social media but not necessarily have met to finally see that I am a GIRL 🙂

Lel x


6 responses

  1. Your a girl….who knew?

    A very brave post, self portraits are never easy and especially with a title like this. Even tougher when you are in a hotel room in Derby, great work even if it is not what I votes for.

    Keep up the good work.

    No diet required.

    • Thanks Stuart- the whole diet/ body image thing is an ongoing battle for me, so it felt right to do this, even though it was tough emotionally.

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