Day 28- Oh No

Track 13, disc 2, before you check up on me if this is an actual track on the album or not…

I thought this was pretty apt tonight, and it is “Oh No” for a number of reasons. Firstly, I didn’t attempt Dancing on The Ceiling or All Night Long. I don’t have an excuse, I just don’t have enough time. Secondly, it is “Oh No” because I have to cut my weekend short tomorrow to drive up to Derby ready for a meeting tomorrow.

It’s my 6 year anniversary with Mr Story Frame tomorrow so I am quite sad that I won’t be at home for it, and I have missed a lot of family time this week because of work, hopefully this will sort itself out.

I had a great conversation with The Light Whisperer and I will be working out pricing for portrait sessions over the next week or so, which is pretty exciting. This is also the same conversation I have had with Mr Story Frame and Tracey B, so I think it is something I definitely should do having been told by 3 different people independently of each other.

I’m going to love you and leave you tonight as the anniversary take away (chinese in case you wondered) has arrived 🙂

Lel x


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