Day 24- Ballerina Girl

I’m not sure I’m allowed to say this, but I love this image! Maybe it’s because I needed an escape from reality today, or maybe it’s because it is almost dream like, some days I just love getting lost in an image.

I had the idea for this all day, and had to ask permission from Little Miss Story Frame to use her beloved music box tonight. “As long as you don’t break it Mummy” was the reply I was given. It is not broken, and I will sneak it back into her room before I go to bed tonight.

I was lucky enough to receive a gorgeous frame from Heather at As You Wish Crafts as a thank you for the images for her website. I am very, very tempted to print this image off and put it in the frame, I  think it would fit the vintage feel perfectly. If any of you are stuck for Valentines ideas, I implore you to check out her website and have a chat with her about bespoke work, she really is fab and will understand the most vague of instructions!

Lel x



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