Day 23- Easy

Another food shot. I promise my life doesn’t revolve around food, it justhappens to fit so well with todays title of  “Easy”, that’s my story and I am sticking to it!

I also needed a fairly easy shot tonight having got home a little later than planned.

If you are interested in food photography, there are 2 great blogs I would recommend, “My Life In Pictures” is an almost daily update with pictures and simple recipe’s. Be warned, viewing this blog will make you hungry! The second is “Krysalis Photography”, where Dade Freeman is completing a weekly project of food photography. ironically, Dade’s project theme this week was, which adds on quite nicely to today’s post.

Tracey Barrow, who I have mentioned before, is also worth checking out on a Friday, as she will be posting food on her aptly named “Foodie Friday”.

If those blog’s don’t have you reaching for the biscuit tin, then you certainly have more will power than me!

Lel x


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