Day 20- Sweet Painted Lady

I have to admit I struggled tonight. I knew what I wanted to do- I had visions of lingerie, piles of money, a full ashtray, and generally a bit sleazy. However, I don’t have a stack of money lying around my house, it was a struggle to find the 2 £10 notes that I did.

We also don’t smoke, so the whole ashtray thing was a bit of a non starter.

I then decided to go for a more dreamy, almost vintage feel, which I am still in 2 minds about.

There is a watercolour effect tutorial that I have had in a magazine on my shelf for about the last 18 months which I decided to try. 2 hours later I have the below result, and am feeling pretty underwhelmed to be honest:


This song will always remind me of being in the car with my Mum and my Nan with this tape (yep, small rattley box, not a round disc) playing. I don’t remember exactly what happened but my Mum has told me since of my Nan’s horror at the child in the back singing along to lyrics about a hooker:

“…getting paid, for being laid…”

I think I may have my own version of this soon if my Mum ever gets in the car with Little Miss Story Frame singing along to Rizzle Kicks Mamma Do The Hump 😉

As it’s Friday, the vote is now open for next weeks album and its an eclectic mix to choose from. Your choices this week are Dizzee Rascal, Lionel Richie or Def Leppard- I bet you are glad to be on this ride of such high calibre musical taste!

Tomorrow is the last day of Elton, this week has flown by and I will be truly sad to see Elton go.

Lel x


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