Day 19- Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

I’m a bit later than usual tonight due to being stuck on the M1 for 3 hours tonight. A great 3 hours blasting ut this album and singing along at the top of my lungs- at times like that, I’m not too bothered about a little traffic.

There was no way I could tackle this album without attempting this one, but how to do it has been bugging me. Again, the M1 did me a favour tonight as it gave me time to think. One of the best things about having a 4-year-old daughter is that she loves dressing up, so it was purely a matter of unearthing her ruby slippers when I got home.

The vodka was a little more problematic. It HAD to be in the image. One of my favourite all time lyrics is in this song: “It’ll take you a couple of vodka and tonics
To set you on your feet again”

The thing is, I knew we didn’t have any vodka, or tonic in the house. So in the name of art, and no other reason you understand, I stopped into co-op (other supermarkets are available) on the way home and bought vodka and tonic. Of course, one this shot was done, it was a shame not to drink the one I had poured out 😉

Lel x


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