Day 18- Roy Rogers

Who knew I had so much Cowboy related paraphernalia around the house, and I knew those vintage boots were a good buy!

I did consider polishing the boots, but then thought, would Roy Rogers have polished his boots? Ok, so maybe a TV runner may have done, but as I don’t have one of those, I thought I would go for the authentic cowboy look with the toy horse as the artificial element, as the song is all about dreaming and escapism through the TV.

Admittedly, I think I am driving people mad this week with constantly singing songs from this album, and I am one of those people who sings the same line, over and over and over…. Today’s line has constantly been “comic book characters never grow old”, which is another reason I wanted to get a toy into this shot somewhere.

Before I sign off tonight, huge congratulations to my gorgeous friend on the birth of her baby girl, I will hopefully be getting some newborn shots of this lile one really soon, which I already have permission to share with you all, so look out for that soon.

I’m off for my Heston fix now, its chocolate tonight 🙂

Lel x

p.s- Had to add this:


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