Day 16- Dirty Little Girl

Hands up then ladies, who hasn’t thought about taking a photo like this at least once?

In reply to Elton’s lyrics today, ” ’cause I bet she hasn’t had a bath in years”, well, I have had one today, thank you very much 🙂

I was brave tonight, being clumsy at the best of times, I didn’t set up the tripod but wrapped the camera strap around my arm, with the trusty nifty fifty (lens), and said a little prayer that I wouldn’t drop the camera in the bath. Fortunately, I managed to keep the camera dry and fit to see another day, or at least another 350.

Tonight’s shot is more processed than I usually would, but I wanted it to have a more gritty feel, I hope the processing hasn’t overly offended, I know it is a bit in your face today.

Lel x



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    • Thanks Stuart, I am trying to push myself in terms of making sure I don’t get “samey” so there will be some more experimenting, plus I will get more confident with my software (I hope!)

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