Day 13- Smack My Bitch Up

Please don’t hate me if this image is all wrong! Having never taken drugs (that is true and not just for my Mum’s benefit), I’m afraid my only point of reference was films and a google image search. Let me give you a tip- never, ever google the term “smack my bitch up”, I don’t think my eyes or mind will ever recover from the level of debauchery that search returned šŸ˜‰

It was quite funny taking this shot, out on my door step in decidedly middle class BN3, I can only imagine what the neighbours and houses across the road must have thought! I have struggled with the reflections a bit tonight, but overall I am fairly happy with this image, and I am my own worst critic so that’s saying something!

Tomorrow is the last day of Prodigy and I will be giving a huge sign of relief. This week has been rock hard, plus a big dip in mood mentally earlier in the week didn’t really help either. However, I am back on an even keel (as even as you can be) and am looking forward o finishing with Prodigy tomorrow and seeing what CD Sunday brings.

I will be venturing to the SWPP trade show tomorrow, unfortunately I can’t afford a masterclass ticket but am hoping to get lots of inspiration none the less. If you are there and see me, do come and say hello.

I am going to launch the voting a bit earlier this week, that way it gives you all more chance to vote- please do vote, it’s nice to see that you are involved šŸ™‚

Lel x




3 responses

  1. I’m glad to hear your confession of not ever having tried drugs as too I am sure is your mother – lol!

    Great shot and I bet it got the neighbours curtains twitching indeed!

    I couldn’t afford a ticket either Lel, but hope you have a great day none the less.

    T x

  2. Ah thanks Tracey- glad to see you are keeping up your pledge of a daily dose of the blog šŸ™‚

    Also- I think I am going to be in your neck of the woods for a training day on Friday 27th, maybe I can drop into yours after on my way back, are you far from Kenilworth?

    L x

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