Day 12- Diesel Power

The idea for today’s image has changed a few times. I thought that this would be one of the easiest ones, and so I saved it for a day where I knew I was going to be late home from the day job. I had even taken the camera with me today. The original plan was to stop off at Clacket Lane services and get some shots of the lorries, the sat nav however had other ideas and took me cross-country! Whilst it was a blessing not to touch the M25, it also meant missing out on Clackets.

When I got home, there was thoughts of engines, exhaust pipes, more long exposures with car head lights, but to be really honest with you, I just couldn’t face another night out in the cold, so started to think about what else was diesel powered…TRAINS!!!

With Little Miss Story Frame tucked up in bed, I tiptoed in and borrowed her train set for the evening. Before you ask, yes I did tidy up my toys before getting anything else out :p

Lel x

P.S- Can you tell who the figure in the background is?


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