Day 11- Firestarter




I have been so excited about today’s shoot, thee has been a lot of very uncool excitable jumping around and a lot of use of the word “awesome”, but, it was AWESOME!!!

Through the wonder of Facebook I have met some incredibly supportive photographers in the local area who I feel privileged to class as friends. One of which, who will remain known as The Light Whisperer, got me in contact with tonight’s brave model, who not only came out in the cold but also drank copious amounts of paraffin for the sake of tonight’s image.

Because I have been so happy with tonight’s shoot, I am treating you to 4 images, and there are plenty more that need editing but I wanted to get this post on whilst it was still technically Day 11, and I still have 25 minutes left 🙂

I have no idea how I am going to top this, but I do know that I will be buzzing for days from this, so thank you to the people who made this happen!

Lel x



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