Day 9- Fuel My Fire

The journey with Prodigy is onto the second day, and I have to admit to being incredibly frustrated. Not by lack of ideas, in fact between Mr Story Frame and I, I think we could have bought all of the lighter fluid in Brighton and Hove and set fire to half the town if we had our way. However, with my recent history with fire, I thought it best to try to find a different fuel and fire source.

Tonight also gave me a chance to try out a long exposure shot, after my very brief lesson from Mr Lank (thank you again) at the weekend. Having set up the tripod in the kitchen, it was time to turn off the lights and experiment with exposure times. The resulting image was a 30 second exposure and I have to say that this is completely different to my usual style.

In more interesting news, because I know you are all waiting for Firestarter, I may have found someone to play with fire in a safe, non-hairdryer related way. Fingers crossed we can get together this week, I’m afraid the first you will know is by continuing to read this blog.

Lel x


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