Day 8- Serial Thrilla

With 50% of the vote, Prodigy was the clear winner for the theme of this week’s 365, and I will admit I have been petrified by this thought all day. I know this project is meant to challenge me, but boy did you guys give me a challenge this week.

However, the support and encouragement that I have received over the past week has been amazing, and I now realise what an eclectic mix of friends I have- who knew so many of my friends would know a fire juggler for shots later in the week?

In my sheer panic at the thought of the title’s on the album this week, Mr Story Frame did have to come to the rescue and help me brain storm for today- so thank you for the idea, which actually fits with the lyrics of “taste me, taste me” and a play on the word serial (cereal, get it 😉 ), and thriller in a Hitchcock style.

I hope you’re ready for the rest of the images this week, I’ve a feeling it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Lel x


5 responses

  1. Another fantastic image 😀 re: earlier, the force is definitely wth us! At this rate I’m gonna have to get the thesaurus out to see how many different complimentary words I can come up with! Carry on kicking ass!

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