Day 7- Morning Glory

It is the end of week 1 and the end of Oasis, for now at least. A really lovely side effect of this week has been listening to Mr Story Frame learning to play Wonderwall on his new guitar whilst I have been editing images, which sounded great this evening.

This morning, armed with tripod, a sack full of books and a friend, (thank you Mr Lank), I headed off to the beach at 7am. Admittedly, a part of me was glad that it’s not summer time right now, I don’t think this shoot would have happened had I had to get out of bed at 4am.

The sunrise was set to be spectacular when we checked last night, but unfortunately a band of cloud had different ideas this morning.

It may sound corny, but the beach in Brighton at this time of the year and at that time of the morning, is just a bit magical. The sea was sparkling this morning and it was a pleasure to see the day arrive with only the seagulls, a few dog walkers and joggers for company.

I have a few out takes from this week that I will share with you at some point, but for tonight, I wil leave you with one of the dog walkers from this morning and a thank you for following this week. Hopefully you will join me again next week, it is highly likely looking at the poll results so far that it is going to be Prodigy, I’m not sure if Mr Story Frame will be learning Firestarter on the guitar next week though!

Lel x




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