Day 6- Champagne Supernova

Can I please start by telling you how much self-discipline it took not to do a shot with the champagne cork popping and going up into the air- in fact, being brutally honest, that’s what you were expecting right?

The thing is, only being 6 days in, I really can’t justify popping the champagne just yet, even if it is in the title. However, I will make a deal with you now- If I get though this whole project then I will revisit this as my very last shot on New Years Eve, and will take great pleasure in popping this in a Grand Prix winner style and getting the shot you were actually expecting!

So tomorrow, for those of you that don’t follow me on Facebook (why not?), I am going out at dawn for the shot. I bet you can’t possibly guess which title tomorrow is? 😉

Also- I will be posting the next 3 albums for you to choose from tonight- you will have until 10.00am on Sunday to vote so that I can start the new album on Sunday. So tomorrow is bye-bye Oasis (for now), its been a pleasure, and I think I am saving the best for last.

Lel x


3 responses

  1. Another brilliant photo! If you carry on like this you’ll need your own gallery for the 365 imaes! Can’t wait for the rest of the pics to lighten my evenings!! Bring on May!

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