Day 5- Hello

Firstly, please don’t hate me for tonight’s image. I know it is pretty low on the creativity stakes but I lost my brain to excel spreadsheets for a large amount of the day, and then spent a lot of time on the phone to Heather of As you Wish Crafts this evening. If you haven’t seen her gorgeous vintage inspired floral frames yet, please take a minute to click on the link to her site (boys, what a lovely unique gift she could makefor that lady in your life for Valentines day if you got your order in now!).

So tonight I thought I would tackle “Hello”- it also gave me an opportunity to flick through the Oasis books and find a portrait I liked as I thought the least I could do was actually feature someone from the band for you lovely people who voted 🙂

Tomorrow is going to be a hard one, I am leaving Brighton at 6am to go to Milton Keynes, meaning I won’t get home again until 8pm and I have the following titles left on the album:

Don’t Look Back In Anger

Some Might Say

Cast No Shadow

Morning Glory

Champagne Supernova

Ideally I would rather not be cheating or missing a day this early on, so I need to have a think about which one to do tomorrow now  so that I am all prepared and ready to go tomorrow. Mr Story Frame made a good point yesterday that every image so far has been taken inside and won’t I get bored? Well, at the moment it is just making it more challenging but I am sure that as the days get longer and the albums change, I will be able to get out and about. There’s also nothing stopping me from a spot of experimental light painting in these darker nights, just need to find a willing friend to come out and play- any volunteers? 😉

Lel x


6 responses

  1. I would gladly volunteer hun but I think logistics are a little difficult – hehe! Don’t be too hard on yourself, you’ll have plenty of ups and downs on the project and you have to allow yourself a little leeway 🙂

    T x

  2. Babs, for Champagne Supernova please feel free to post any ole pic of me! Shame it’s not movies as you deffo have that ‘blue steel’ shot nailed! x

  3. Tracey- next time I’m in Coventry I will let you know and we can do something
    Katie- I only wish we had the soundtrack for that film so I could get a “blue steel” shot!

  4. Swing by, I can always lend a hand – Love OASIS 🙂

    I opt for dont look back in anger.

    As you go through this process you will be amazed at how much you will grow creatively and how much time a quick 2 minute shot takes 😛

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