Day 4- She’s Electric

Today I thought I would face my fear of composite images and layers in Photoshop and I am quite pleased with the results, although I think with more time the socket could have looked better. I’ve never really produced a high key image like this and although the whites are far too bright in places, I think it adds to the feel of the image bearing in mind the title.

A friend of mine told me when I started this to “allow time” and he is right. The shot I wanted to do today involved a hairdryer, blowing hair and editing this flowing hair to neon blue for the electric. As you can see, that didn’t happen and that is really down to time, and needing a remote shutter release for my camera, I think it may be off to Argos/ Jessops tomorrow…

See you on day 5- Lel x


4 responses

  1. I think you did a stellar job Lel 🙂

    Oh and you will come across the ‘time’ issue a lot in your project! I had soooo many ideas and just didn’t have the hours in the day to do them!

    T x

    • Thanks Tracey, I’m really hoping the PhotoShop skills get to a point where its less trial and error and more knowing what I’m doing!

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