365 Day 3- Roll With It

There are several things I have found out quite quickly about completing a 365 project, one of which is that the idea’s in your head never stop, ever!

I have been becoming more and more elaborate in my ideas and am finding that the limitations are purely in my ability to edit, which I know will be something I address whilst completing this. In fact, I am sitting here surrounded by past issues of Photoshop Creative, Oasis books, my note-book, an empty cup of tea (ahem…) and christmas chocolate wrappers, well, everyone needs a sugar boost sometimes 😉

The other thing I have found is that this project has made me revisit the album and listen to the lyrics properly for inspiration. With Oasis, it is like reliving my teens the cool way, rather than the way I did (think terrible mid to late 90’s dance music, tops that show your midriff and short skirts and you are pretty much there). The CD’s are still in the collection so I am sure one of these demons in the closet will make an appearance at some point in the year, however, the mid riff will be staying fimly under wraps.

With tonight’s image, I feel as if I had spent the ay getting too bogged down in trying to work out how to reflect all of the lyrics, that I ended up with no image at all and that horrible pit of stomach feeling that I couldn’t do this- so it was back to basics and back to the “roll” within the title. Tomorrow, I will make sure I have my faithful ideas pad with me so that I can work out what I am doing before I get home, so that I give myself enough time to plan, shoot and edit.

Something tells me this challenge is going to get tougher!



2 responses

    • Its ok, thee will be nothing x rated, promise! only thing is, with what i want to do for Morning Glory, its going to have to be one of the weekend shots..

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