365 Day 2- Wonderwall


Firstly, thank you to everyone that voted. With more that 50% of the vote, (Whats The Story) Morning Glory? by Oasis was the clear winner for this weeks 365 images, much to Mr Story Frame’s delight. I thought I would start with a fairly easy title off of the album, although I may come to regret this later in the week when I am trying to think of ideas for the rest of the tracks, especially considering 2 have no title at all!

The little person in this shot is my 4 year old, doing her best “wondering” pose, whilst trying her hardest not to laugh- she never usually poses for me so I am highly honoured today.

I must admit, I am secretly happy that it wasn’t Stone Roses this week- I have never listened to that album so I am going to put it in my car this week and see what I have missed, in case it gets picked at another point in the 365 project.

Below you can see the colour image, I prefer the black and white as I think the colour is a bit to in your face for this song title.


4 responses

  1. Lel, I really admire this and good luck with the theme. Lovely photo and I really look forward to seeing your project throughout the year!

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