Happy New Year- New Projects and New Competitions

Happy New Year!!

so long 2011 and hello 2012. A lot has happened in the past year for me photography wise. I have made the decision to continue on the path towards making photography my profession and have been inspired by numerous other photographers that I have had the pleasure to meet this year, including the amazing Tracey Barrow and her dedication to her awe-inspiring 365 project.

Tracey’s blog is a must see if you haven’t stumbled across it yet. She is an immensely talented and creative person and has managed to create 365 images with herself in them, do please check it out for yourself: http://www.traceybarrowphotography.com/

2011 also saw the normal creative yo-yo effect of amazingly confident moments where I feel I can take on the world, and incredible lows where I have just wanted to dump the camera in the nearest bin and never take a picture again. The highest point on the yo-yo in 2011 was organising the Rock the Frock shoot which has inspired me to go on and organise more themed and styled shoots in 2012. The lowest point in 2011 was falling foul of reading lots of negative posts from established photographers on internet forums about new photographers otherwise referred to as  MWAC’s (Mum’s With A Camera), Mammarazzi, Uncle Bob and in fact any other post about those trying to make a path for themselves in the photography industry. These affected me so much that I went through a stage of never being with my camera, not even on holiday. However, with the help of my incredibly supportive partner, family, friends and a network of fantastic local (and not so local!) photographers, I am approaching 2012 with a renewed enthusiasm and passion for creating beautiful images.

The combination of the inspiration around me, and the creative yo-yo has inspired me to start my own 365 project. This is an image a day for the year. I know, it’s a leap year, there’s 366 days but I am allowing myself a day off at some point in the year, therefore, it is the normal 365. I am not as brave as Tracey and so all of mine will not be self portraits, but I won’t rule it out completely!

The rules of my 365 are simple:

1. All shots (apart from the first), are to be inspired by a song title

2. The title can only be from a CD that is already in our collection, we have 7 shelves of CD’s so I am hoping we have more than 365 songs

3. Only 1 CD can be chosen per week- this rule is to push me to think about those titles that may not be so immediately inspiring

4.The CD for the week will be chosen from a selection of 3 by readers of the blog exclusively.

As you can see, audience participation is required. Each Sunday I will give you a choice of 3 CD’s that I will have to use for the coming week. This is to ensure that I have to push myself creatively and don’t fall into my own comfort zone. This project is meant to both challenge and inspire me, I am counting on you to help me achieve this.

So, as today is the first day, here is my first shot, simply called “Inspiration”:

As a treat for reading to the end of this post, I will also let you into a secret- I have a competition running on my Facebook page. The competition is “12 in 2012” and I am giving you the chance of wining a portrait session each month this year- check out the Facebook page for more details.



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