Rock the Frock Part 2- Brides and Guitars don’t mix!

At the end of our Rock the frock shoot, I had always intended for us to smash a guitar. I had never really thought about the complexities of a) getting a guitar to smash and b) how hard it would be for a model to smash it.

If truth be told, we still did not have guitar victim until 3am the morning of the shoot when Anna Thornby managed to liberate an old acoustic guitar from a cupboard at work, on the proviso that we let them see the photographic evidence of the smash.

Having already caused quite a stir on Hove seafront by having a bride climbing walls, running across gadens and doing the splits in front of the beach huts (yes, you did read that right), it was only fitting that we stay in Hove in order to smash the guitar.

Unfortunately, the weather ws not on our side at all and had gone from sunny one minute to grey the next meaning that the idea to smash it on the beach would have given us a dull and drab background. However, we did manage to find a perfct spot in front of a bench and a boat, which helpfully had a concrete floor.

Now for smashing the guitar. We’ve all seen rock stars do it, one amighty smash on the floor and tiny pieces right? Wrong! This guitar did not want to break, and whilst Jordon tried in vain to smash it, a small audience started to form behind our small group of photographers!

As you can see, the guitar finally yield, however, we didn’t get the spectacular smash that we had hoped for 🙂



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