Rock The Frock Part 1- Before The Smashed Guitar

I did something a bit mad in September I bought a wedding dress. Try explaining that to your poor unsuspecting boyfriend when it turns up in the post! Thankfully, Mr Story Frame is used to my random purchasing behaviour and was not phased by the dress appearing in the house.

The reason for the purchase was to arrange and style my own Rock The Frock shoot with a handful of local photographers here in Sussex.

The amazing up and coming actress, Jordon Ellen Stevens, kindly agreed to model on the day for me and was incredibly enthusiastic about taking on board my thoughts for really going with the Rock theme. Indeed, she wasn’t even phased when I suggested we smash up a guitar, although this took more effort than any of us had expected which I will blog about separately as it’s not every day you see a bride smashing a guitar on Hove seafront πŸ™‚

With the help of Lou Stevens, a qualified Stage Manager, we styled the shoot with Rock very much at the heart of it; think guitars, leather and big jewellery.

Working that Rock attitude

I have to say, Jordon did an amazing job of taking direction from several photographers at once, and her acting skills were incredibly useful on the day. Jordon was also very happy to complete a lot of very odd requests from photographers including running backwards and forwards across the lawns in a MASSIVE wedding dress, for which we were all incredibly grateful.

Where's the groom?

Big thanks to the people involved including Tracey Riches of The Photographers Closet for the amazing dress, Lou Stevens and Anna Thornby for styling and the guitar, and all of the local photographers who came along:

Dade Freeman, Laura Ellen Brenan, Sophie Moore, Michael O’Rourke and Michael Lank, and anyone else I may have forgotten!


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