Fairies, tipi’s and rain

This weekend past I was fortunate enough to join one of my best friends on her hen weekend. 9 of us met at London Paddington and boarded a train bound for Bridgend, in order to stay in a Tipi in the Welsh countryside for the evening.

To say that camping isn’t my thing is an understatement. Before this I had been once before (and by camping I mean a tent, not a Haven holiday in a caravan) and that was a horrific experience of wet muddy clothing and freezing cold nights in sleeping bags. Understandably then, I was apprehensive about this trip.

However, we were lucky with the weather when we arrived in Ogmore and we were greeted by the sunshine beaming through the amazing ruins of Ogmore Castle flanked by our tipi.

As my friend loves fairies, the setting could not have been better, the magic of the stunning scenery could not fail to take your breath away.

However, the weather was not kind to us all weekend and we all braved it in the tipi throughout the rain. Some even braved it outside the tipi in the middle of the night to courageously retrieve the tipi door, but that’s a story for another day! However, to the brave tipi door rescuer, I hope you enjoyed your hen weekend and I can’t wait to be part of your wedding.

I will leave you with photographic evidence that the girls from the city were willing and able to take on all that the country could throw at them this weekend.


2 responses

  1. I love the intro Lel, and the gorgeous pictures thank you! You should try and sell them to the tipi man for publicity. Thanks for being a part of the weekend, I know I asked a lot of you ladies, but you swung your legs over fences like the best of them! I had the best time, I loved every minute and shall really treasure the photos you have out so beautifully into a story.

  2. Thanks for directing me to this Lel. I loved your writing and the photos are wonderful – they really capture the almost mystical quality of the scenery we found ourselves in. I’ve been thinking about it a lot – although so many of us were away from a lot of the things we’re used to, there was such an amazing sense of calm and good humour. This may have had something do with our inspirational fairy leadership, of course, as well as the fact we are all so bloody marvellous! Tx.

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