What’s in a name?

The eagle eyed amongst you would have noticed that I have had a name change. When I say “I”, I mean the business name. So gone is Lelography and in comes Story Frame.

Why the change? Accents mainly. I found that certain friends of mine with differeing accents had some difficulty in pronouncing “Lelography”- this is not good when trying to get new business and someone doesn’t get your name right. They then serach for you on google under what they thought they heard and all of a sudden the work that should have come your way has gone to someone else.

Another reason was that I wanted the name to reflect the reason I take photo’s, to me they are the story in the frame, hence Story Frame was born.

Every photo in my house has its own story. Ask me what it is and I can tell you names, dates, thoughts, feelings, sights, sounds and smells that the image envokes. Each image conjours up a plethora of emotions and I believe that everyone should have this experience when they look at an image.

Hopefully I haven’t lost you with the name change, and you are still coming along with me for my ride into the world of becoming a full time professional photographer. In reward for sticking with me, I have some more images to show you from a 9/11 tribute shoot. Until then, I leave you with the gorgeous Pamela Devereux:


The gorgeous Pamela Devereux


3 responses

  1. I’m actually really glad you changed it Lel! Lelography to me sounded like trying to pronounce ‘photography’ when drunk – hehe! I think Story Frame is perfect and gorgeous! Looking forward to following your journey.

    T x

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